About the winery


We manage 5 vineyard lines Panenský kopec, Svidrunk, Sonberk, Stará hora and Unédy, a total of 56 hectares of our own vineyards, part of which is in the organic regime. The vines grow on clay-loam soils rich in calcium and mature on rounded terraces covered with liquorice, rosehip bushes, wild cherries and peach trees.


The winery is housed in a building that is an example of modern winery architecture and was awarded the "Best Industrial Building of the South Moravian Region in 2009". The open terrace of the winery offers a beautiful view of the dominant landmark of the region, Pálava and Mušov Lakes. The underground tasting room, which was named Diamant due to its shape, is used for guided tastings. There are seven rooms that can be used for sleeping after the tasting.